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For Grades


Target Competitions

AIME, ARML, Harvard MIT Math Tournament (HMMT), Caltech Math Meet (CMM), Stanford Math Tournament (SMT), Berkeley Math Tournament (BMT), Princeton Math Competition (PUMaC)


This course is for middle and high school students who want to master AIME, ARML, and high school competitions organized by prestigious universities.

It strengthens Algebra, Counting and Probability concepts and problem-solving skills for the target math competitions.

See the Content section below for the topics covered.

Who should take this course?

Students in grades 6-12:

who completed MC40 level fundamental courses
who are comfortable with AIME qualification and can solve at least 6 problems on a recent AIME exam:
Diagnostic Exam
(2022 AIME I, 15 questions, 3 hours, no calculators)

Students who can already solve almost all the sample problems from the Content sample below should consider taking one of the next courses.


Click to see the topics covered along with sample problems

Next Course

MC45B*, MC45P*

(*: Recommended after completing all MC45 level fundamental courses)

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