AlphaStar Academy is offering Math Scholarships to help young mathletes excel further and achieve their true potential in math. 

In 2021, up to $40,000 will be given as course credit. Each winner can use $2,000 course credit for online AlphaStar Math courses/camps for one year. 

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The scholarship categories are as follows:

Omer Faruk Tekin

Dr. Tekin (1990-2019) was a former Math Olympian and an A-Star Faculty.
In high school he won a Gold medal in the International Mathematics Olympiads 2008. He taught at A-Star Summer Math camps in the early 2010’s. After receiving a PhD from UCLA Mathematics Department in 2016 he started working at Google in the San Francisco Bay Area.
He inspired many students to work hard to reach their full potentials and will always be remembered with his smile and great passion for Math.

Maryam Mirzakhani

Professor Mirzakhani (12 May 1977 – 14 July 2017) was the first female Fields Medalist, the most prestigious award for mathematicians. She was a professor at Stanford University Mathematics Department. She received Fields medal in 2014. She was a great inspiration for girls everywhere and her name and life will continue inspiring current and future generation of girls in understanding that with great passion and hard work, you can achieve anything.

Kent Merryfield

Professor Merryfield was a Professor at CSULB Mathematics Department between 1988 and 2018. He had tremendous contributions to the math society for many many years:

He prepared students for Putnam competition. He formed and coached teams from southern California for American Regional Math League for 17 years between 2002 and 2018. He was the organizer of Math Day at the Beach between 2000 and 2018, an annual math contest for high school students in Orange County. 

Scholarship Winners

2021 AlphaStar Omer Faruk Tekin Scholarship Winners:

Advika Navin, Amritha Praveen, Chloe So, Ender Michael Ramsby, Nelson Huang, Seomgeun Shim

2021 AlphaStar Maryam Mirzakhani Scholarship Winners:

Alena Kutsuk, Hannah Lim, Katie Shih Koh, Nidhi Saravanan, Sophia Smola Matsui 

2021 AlphaStar Kent Merryfield Scholarship Winners:

Aidan Cao, Ethan Yan, Zachary Cha

2020 AlphaStar Maryam Mirzakhani Scholarship Winners:

Ava Chen, Ryka Chopra

2020 AlphaStar Kent Merryfield Scholarship Winners:

Kai Lum, Sohil Rathi

2019 AlphaStar Maryam Mirzakhani Scholarship Winners:

Angela Liu, Lindsey Tuckey

2019 AlphaStar Kent Merryfield Scholarship Winners:

Alex Chen, David Zhang

Application Process:

How to apply:

  • A recommendation letter from a teacher/coach/tutor who is familiar with the applicant’s potential and passion for math should be emailed to info@alphastar.academy.

The deadline for the application form and recommendation letter is March 15th. Award recipients will be announced within a month after the deadline.

Application Form

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