AMC 10/12 Official Contest

Noetic Competition

Winter Term and Winter Camp Registrations are OPEN!

AlphaStar Winter term ONLINE LIVE & IN-PERSON classes will be offered between Nov 17, 2022 and Feb 26, 2023. Difference between Winter Term and Winter Camp During Winter Term (12 SESSIONS between mid-November and late February) we offer classes with weekly meetings as a part of year round programs like Fall Term. Winter Camp is… Continue reading Winter Term and Winter Camp Registrations are OPEN!

AlphaStar Math Scholarship

AlphaStar Academy is offering Math Scholarships to help young mathletes excel further and achieve their true potential in math. Applicants must be currently in 6th grade, enrolled full-time at a school in the USA. Each of up to 20 winners can use $2,000 course credit for online AlphaStar Math courses/camps for one year. The deadline… Continue reading AlphaStar Math Scholarship



Why You Should Make Mistakes When Practicing for Math Contests

Portrait of terrified beautiful, youth nails bite hear horrible news wear stylish trendy pullover jumper isolated over purple violet background

One of the major problems in test taking is making mistakes. Countless times I heard students saying “I made a silly mistake”. You were probably warned many times to avoid mistakes in your training and heard, read, or thought of strategies on how to avoid mistakes. In this article, we will see a different approach:… Continue reading Why You Should Make Mistakes When Practicing for Math Contests


Students who are preparing for the upcoming AMC 8 contest now have one more resource to help them train to the fullest. AlphaStar Academy has just published a new book:

2021 Online Fall Registrations are Now OPEN!

AlphaStar Academy decided to offer 2021 Fall programs in ONLINE format based on parent surveys and due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation . Fall term will start on September 1st and finish by November 21st.

NEW BOOK! AMC 10 Practice Tests Book

AlphaStar Academy has recently published a practice test book for the upcoming AMC 10 competition:

Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) 2021 Results

The 2021 Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) was held virtually on April 17th with more than 80 teams participating. There were two divisions: (A) Tree and (B) Sapling. AlphaStar teams ranked 2nd place in both divisions. Below are team results and AlphaStar students/alumni in top 10. Thanks to SMT for the organization and congratulations to all… Continue reading Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) 2021 Results

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