Ali is a great instructor!

Pre-MathCounts Advanced Student

The course instructor was very knowledgeable and explained many of the concepts in an in-depth and illuminating way.

Aadi D., CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

The course was very fun and exciting. The teachers were very enthusiastic about teaching us and we learned a lot during the course!

CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

This course was an amazing few months for me, learning many concepts about programming. The course was a good pace that didn't overwhelm me with too much homework every week. The teacher challenged us every class to think more about a specific problem in a different way. I also learned a lot during this class and many of the concepts intrigued me.

David F., USACO Programming A Student

It was challenging but also fun.

Sophia, AMC 8 / MathCounts Advanced Student

This camp was really fun and enjoyable for me. Before I got here, I expected this camp to be all math but now I know that it’s a balance between math and fun.

Patrick Z., A* Student

They are all dedicated teachers. I loved your practice tests for AMC and AIME, and I can tell the difference you made in my kid.

Jennifer C., A* Parent

It was a really fun course and I learned a lot from it. The teachers gave a lot of new information that I have never learned before and was very useful to know.

Preston F., CS301 (USACO Silver Basic) Student

Extremely good teacher!

Anthony L., CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

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