“Mr. Gul is knowledgeable, and he explains everything clearly. He is one of the main reasons why the Geometry and Algebra courses were interesting. ”

Akash S. (MC25F Student)

“The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject and is obviously skilled at explaining concepts. The course is very useful and allows me to add more concepts and formulas to my arsenal, allowing me to be more successful in math competitions.”

MC25F Student

The instructor was a pretty good instructor. They explained most problems, solutions, and proofs clearly.

MC20F Student

This course was absolutely wonderful and I feel like I have improved greatly with my math skills. Our instructor [Emre Gul] helped and solved the problems in an orderly and understanding way.

Disha J. (MC25F Student)

I like the way he explains the content and the solutions clearly. My geometry skills have really experienced an upgrade.

MC20F Student

He’s great in general, he is easy to understand and follow. He also seems to never get tired.

MC30F Student

The instructor Ali Adali is nice, fun to learn from, and an overall good teacher.

Eli Y. (MC40F Student)

The Instructor was pretty good. He explained the course content very clearly, and provided very fulfilling answers for me. It was pretty easy to hear his voice; additionally, he was enthusiastic when teaching. Overall, he was really good.

MC40F Student

He always provides the fastest cleanest way to solve a problem.

MC35F Student

I think Mr. Adali provides an interesting approach to problem solving (e.g. he lets us try it on our own first, and then provides an interesting method of attack). He’s done this multiple times, which I find to be a great part of how he teaches. In other words, he’s very concise and clear.

MC35F Student

He’s great in general, he is easy to understand and follow. He also seems to never get tired.

MC30F Student

Ali Adali explains course material very clearly. He goes through each step in every example problem thoroughly and clearly.

MC45F Student

He explains concepts well and derives formulas as well, which is extremely helpful.

MC45F Student

Instructor was really helpful and seemed passionate.

MC45F Student

Computer Science

“It was fun to learn and it make me like coding more.”

Manu K. (Programming with Python student)

“I liked how I was able to learn various topics as an introduction to Python programming. I learned a lot of how logical most coding problems are, and overtime in this course, I gradually improved.”

(Programming with Python student)

“The instructor did a great job! AlphaStar seems like one of the best places to learn coding/USACO.”

Zachary S. (Programming with Python student)

“I love how the classes are organized. It flows really smoothly and the questions are hard but satisfying to answer. The optional tasks for the projects were a really fun challenge to complete.”

(Programming with C++ student)

“The best computer course I have taken. One of the best teachers I have had.”

William Z. (Programming with C++ student)

“I liked the structure of lessons, chapter reviews, exams, and projects. The projects were fun as well as the Kahoots. Overall, it was a great course.”

Keon W. (Programming with C++ student)

“I highly recommend this course if you are a beginner in coding and computer science. I am excited to take their USACO preparatory classes as well. The course is informative and in depth, which I very much enjoyed.”

Gia G. (Programming with Java student)

“The most enjoyable parts about the course was being able to see the end results of codes that I worked on for a long time. In this course, we learned so many different subjects in such a short time which leaves us with a lot of things to explore and be innovative about.”

Neha (Programming with Java student)

“CS23-A was very easy to learn and follow. Although some of the questions were very hard, I enjoyed them. The teachers made learning easy, and I am excited to get into AP computer science. Thank you, Mr. Sahil!”

(Programming with Java student)

“The course helped me understand how to approach different types of problems in java through the various lessons, problems, and projects. The course framework is designed well, and the instructor ensured that everyone understood the concepts before moving on.”

Pakhi (Programming with Java student)

“The pace is fast-paced yet easy to follow; the fact you can refer back to the lessons is amazing. I gained so much amount of knowledge through this course. I’ll definitly come back next term!”

(Programming with Java student)

“I liked that I got to learn a lot about Computer Science, and I liked how the teachers and other peers made a positive learning environment. I also liked how the exercises and homework got me pulled into coding.”

Christopher X. (Programming with Java student)

“The course provided a lot of relevant practice and helped me pass Bronze on my first try, after only 7 months of learning java!”

Anna (USACO Bronze student)

“It reviews a good amount of topics related to the coding language and goes over techniques/methods on how we can solve certain problems.”

(USACO Bronze student)

“I liked the pacing of the course, especially near the end where the class was debugging together. Helped me keep up :D”

(USACO Bronze student)

“1. Teachers were amazing 2. The problems themselves were very well designed and close to actual USACO questions. 3. It was challenging and made me push myself, which was useful.”

(USACO Bronze student)

“I enjoyed the variety of problems because that made me really understand the concepts”

(USACO Silver student)

“The daily emails and “exercises” helped me keep up with the course and understand it instead of brainlessly copying down pseudocode. He also explained topics in a manner I could understand.”

(USACO Silver student)

“All topics were very clearly explained, all problems were examined and solved thoroughly, and all questions were answered great.”

(USACO Silver student)

“Super fun and engaging – the questions are really good practice”

(USACO Silver student)

“The instructor really tries to encourage everyone to participate and takes all ideas/comments and either takes or improves on them. I really appreciate how much he shows that he cares about his students and how they learn, as well as taking everything they say seriously.”

Tyler (USACO Silver student)

“I liked how this class showed us how to approach problems, and not just algorithms. We had time to consider how to solve problems and discuss it before going to the actual solution.”

Yash C. (USACO Silver student)

“I really liked how we learned so many different algorithms and techniques in a very short period of time. The instructor also explained everything very thoroughly and made it easy to understand.”

(USACO Gold student)

“I think the biggest takeaway from this course was the engagement. Being able to learn with a live instructor and have my questions answered instantly was a great deal of help in my learning process. I think that the problems given were quite challenging but overall helped me learn the concepts.”

(USACO Gold student)

“This course in my experience has been extremely good. From the organization to the quality of teaching, it has saved a great deal of time and has allowed me to learn so much. My instructor Kyle Fu has been very supportive, and I recommend him to anyone interested in this course.”

Corey Z. (USACO Gold student)

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