Online Summer Camps


UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Finish the entire AlphaStar Year-round Curriculum in just 3 weeks!

Summer Online Live Courses will be offered between June 7 – 25,  June 28 – July 16, and July 19 – August 6, 2021, and give students an opportunity to excel in their levels and problem-solving skills in a short time. 

For course curriculum, content, prerequisites, and other details, please see the following pages:

Course Formats

Online courses have Live Interactive and Self-Study formats:

Live Interactive: Includes live online classes with teacher interaction. We use Zoom for the online classroom environment. Students can actively participate in classes by asking questions, answering questions, and sharing their methods/solutions with the class.

NOTE: Student camera has to be turned on during the live sessions but parents can opt-out if they like. Please check AlphaStar Parent Guide for details.

Self-Study: Includes full AlphaStar course material except for Live Interactive Classes. Great for self-learners who want to finish the course at their own pace. 



Live Interactive

Live Interactive Classes


Recorded videos of live sessions

Instructional Support

AlphaStar full course material

Instant Feedback

Student & parent accounts

Online Course Access

1 Year

1 Year


  • Recorded videos of live sessions: The lectures are recorded. Live class students can access the recorded lecture video in their course accounts within a few days after each live class session. Self-study class students will have access to recorded sessions from a past or current live class.
  • Instructional support: Students can ask their questions via the discussion forum and they will be answered by Teachers/TA’s, or other students during the camp period. After this period, students can continue asking and discussing questions in the student discussion forum. 
  • AlphaStar full course material:  Includes all lecture notes, problem sets, and their solutions that are developed over a decade’s time.
  • Instant Feedback: Students submit their work online and get instant feedback.
  • Parent accounts: Parents can track student progress anytime via their AlphaStar parent course account.