Online Fall Courses

Fall Online Live Courses will be offered between September 9 – December 6, 2020. Online course material is the same as On-Site fall courses.

For course curriculum, content, prerequisites, and other details, please see the following pages:

Course Formats

Online courses have Live Interactive and Self-Study formats:

Live Interactive: Includes live online classes with teacher interaction. We use Zoom for the online classroom environment. Students can actively participate in classes by asking questions, answering questions, and sharing their methods/solutions with the class.

Self-Study: Includes full AlphaStar course material except for Live Interactive Classes. Great for self-learners who want to finish the course at their own pace. 

Self-Study Live Interactive
Live Interactive Classes X
Recorded videos of live sessions
Instructional Support
AlphaStar full course material
Solution Videos
Instant Grading
Student & parent accounts
Online Course Access 1 Year 1 Year
  • Recorded videos of live sessions: The lectures are recorded. Live class students can access the recorded lecture video in their course accounts within a few days after each live class session. Self-study class students will have access to recorded sessions from a past or current live class.
  • Instructional support: Students can ask their questions via the discussion forum and they will be answered by Teachers, TA’s, or other students during Fall term. After this period, students can continue asking and discussing questions in the student discussion forum. 
  • AlphaStar full course material: Includes all lecture notes, problem sets, homework/quiz problems and their solutions that are developed over a decade’s time.
  • Solution videos: Most of the solution videos are embedded in the course either as part of recordings from the live sessions or as separate videos. We are working on adding all the solutions. They are coming soon.
  • Instant Grading: Students can see the score of their home quiz or homework submission instantly after submitting it. In Computer Science courses, students submit their codes and also get instant feedback about their code.
  • Parent accounts: Parents can track student progress anytime via their AlphaStar parent course account.