Official AMC 8 Contest

In 2022-23 Academic year, AlphaStar will be offering AMC 8/10/12 competitions only In-Person (as required by AMC), in Santa Clara, California. If you haven’t joined yet, you may sign up for our email list to get updates on these and other competitions:

2022 January Contest:

AlphaStar Academy is registered as an Online test center for the 2022 AMC 8 January contest.

You can visit the official AMC 8 website for more information.

Who can take AMC 8:

Students in grades 8 or below and also under the age of 14.5 years on the day of the competition can take the AMC 8 competition.

International Students:

Students must be enrolled at a school full-time in the USA or Canada. International students can check the International Registrations link for more information on how to participate.

Special Accommodations:

Students with special accommodations (requesting extra time from AMC) should email us by December 31st with supporting documents.

Important Dates:

Registration: Until January 3rd, 2022.

Contest Platform Link and Practice Test: By January 5th, we will send the student registration link to invite students to join AlphaStar test center on the AoPS Contest Platform. Once they join, they will have access to a practice test to confirm there are no issues taking the competition on their device, browser, and internet connection.

Zoom Links: By January 10th, we will send the zoom links to registered students for online proctoring.

Contest Day: Students will join Zoom sessions at the start of their session times and they will be guided by us to take the pre-contest steps and take the contest through their AOPS competitor accounts.



Registration Deadline: Jan 3, 2022, 11:59 pm (PST)

Fee: $20

Contest Dates, Times, and Registration:

For the contest date, you can only register for one exam. Do NOT register for more than one session.

We may share registered student and parent information with AMC and their partners.


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