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Target Competitions

AMC 10


This course is for middle and high school students who want to increase their AMC 10 performance and scores for AIME qualification and to increase their USAJMO index scores.

The course focuses on exam practice and strategies and go through selected topics and problem solving skills that are essential for AMC 10.

Who should take this course?

Students in grades 6-12:

who completed MC35A course
who can solve, without guessing, at least 15 problems on a recent AMC 10 exam:
(2021 AMC 10A, 25 questions, 75 minutes, no calculators)


The course content consists of selected essential topics, problem solving, practice exams, solutions, and strategy sessions. Tentative number of sessions are shown below:

AlphaStar AMC 10 Practice Tests and Solutions (3 tests)
Exam Strategy Sessions (2 sessions)
Essential Topics (6 sessions)
Problem Solving Sessions (6 Sessions)

Note: Since the course focuses on the AMC 10 exam, it omit topics (Logarithm, Trigonometry, and Complex Numbers) that are needed for AMC 12 but not for AMC 10.

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MC35A, MC35C, MC35G, MC35N,

(*: Recommended after completing all MC35 level fundamental courses)


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