Introduction to Elementary School Math Competitions

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Target Competitions

Noetic, Math League, Pi Math Contest, Math Kangaroo, MOEMS


This course is for students in grades 4-5 who are good at school math.

This course provides a robust foundation in Pre-Algebra principles, while also enriching students' knowledge with fundamental elements of Counting, Geometry, and Number Theory. It adopts an interactive approach to help develop critical problem-solving skills, empowering students to confidently tackle mathematical challenges. Moreover, the course incorporates numerous practice exam sessions, designed to simulate the conditions of prestigious elementary school math competitions such as Noetic, Math League, Pi Math Contest, and Math Kangaroo. These comprehensive preparation sessions offer an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with competition formats, boosting their confidence and readiness for future contests.

See the Content Sample details below for the topics covered.

Who should take this course?

Students in grades 4-5 who can solve, without guessing between 10 and 25 problems on the diagnostic exam below

Math League - 4th Grade (2018-19)


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