Code: CC51F-2




This course is the second course of the two courses in USACO Platinum level.


  • Finishing USACO Platinum topics
  • Scoring 500+ in USACO Platinum contests

Who should take this course?

A student who wants to take this course is recommended to accomplish ONE of the followings:


This course is composed of 12 classes as follows:

  • Class 1,2,3,4: Advanced Graph Algorithms (Boruvka, LCA, diameter, BCC, SCC)
  • Class 5: Advanced Dynamic Programming (DP on graphs / trees)
  • Class 6: Midterm Exam
  • Class 7: Advanced Greedy Methods
  • Class 8: Advanced Searching Techniques (2D BIT / segment trees)
  • Class 9: Advanced Graph Algorithms (centroids, small-to-large)
  • Class 10,11: Mixed Problem Sets
  • Class 12: Final Exam

These classes include solving / discussing 40+ former USACO Platinum problems in various topics including the above ones.


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