Code: CC41F-3



Target Competitions


This course is the third course of the four courses in USACO Gold level.


Scoring 650/1000 in USACO Gold contests

Who should take this course?

A student who wants to take this course is recommended to accomplish ONE of the followings:


This course consists of the following topics:

  • Dynamic programming optimization techniques
    • Dimension reduction
    • Binary search optimization
    • Prefix sum, sliding window optimizations
  • Dynamic programming on Trees and DAGs
  • Advanced Breadth First Search
  • Dynamic programming with Bitmasking
  • Mixed Problem Sets

These classes include solving / discussing 40+ medium / hard former USACO Gold problems in various topics including the above ones.

Next Course

The next course is CC41F-4: USACO Gold - Part 4.

It is recommended to complete at least 50% of the course (certificate of successful completion) before taking the next one.


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