AMC 8 Practice Test Course

Online AMC 8 Practice Test course includes 4 online timed AMC 8 practice tests and their written/video solutions for AMC 8 Preparation.

The tests are prepared by AlphaStar Academy. They are similar in style to the official tests. The difficulty is intended to be  a little harder than the recent official tests since the official exams get more difficult over the years. The goal is to give a chance to the students to improve their exam strategies with brand new problems, not using any problems from past competitions.

Students taking the live version of the course will take the test at the beginning of the sessions. Then, solutions will be demonstrated by the instructor. The recordings of the live sessions will be provided to both live and self-study course students.

The following services will be provided:

            Self-Study Live Interactive
4 Online Timed in-class Exams (*)
Answers and Solutions
Live Interactive Classes X
Recorded videos of live sessions (**)
Student Discussion Forum
Online Report (Sample Report)
Student & Parent accounts
Online Course Access 1 Year 1 Year

* The tests used in this course are the same as the ones published in the following AMC 8 Preparation book: AMC 8 Practice Tests Volume 1 by AlphaStar Math Development Team

** Students can access the recorded lecture video in their course accounts within a few days after each live session.


Live (Interactive): $150

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Dec 27-30, 2021

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