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This course consists of solving last 3 years' USACO Bronze problems including discussion, analysis, and implementation sessions and contest strategies in USACO Bronze level; it doesn’t include teaching topics. Students are assumed to have basic foundation of that level.


Promotion to USACO Silver Division

Who should take this course?

This course is for students who know USACO Bronze topics well but needs more practice and contest strategies.

A student who wants to take this course is recommended to accomplish ONE of the followings:


Last 3 years' USACO Bronze contest problems.

Next Course

Depending on the diagnostic exam you may take either a Bronze or a Silver Basic Course.

It is recommended to complete at least 50% of the course (certificate of succesful completion) before taking the next one.


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Diagnostic Exam

If you're not sure about your level or which course to take, it is recommended to take the diagnostic exam.

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