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May 2021


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AlphaStar Online Summer Camps 2021

AlphaStar Online Summer Camp starts on June 7, 2021. There are more than one camp period to choose from between Jun 7 & Aug 6 that gives flexibility to schedule your summer. The camp periods will also give students an opportunity to excel their levels and problem-solving skills in a short time.


Finish the entire AlphaStar Year-round Curriculum in just 3 weeks!

Each camp course has a limited space and the registration is on a first come first serve basis. You can check the details, schedules, faculty info and tuition on our website.


The following faculty will be joining 2021 Online Summer Camp:


Ali Gurel, Ph.D. – Academic Director

Math Program Director, AlphaStar Academy (Since 2017)

Ph.D., Mathematics, Caltech (2008) International Mathematical Olympiad
(1996 Silver Medal)
American Mathematics Competitions Advisory Panel Member (2008-2012)

Mehmet Kaysi – Academic Director

AlphaStar Co-founder and Math Program Director (since 2017)

American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) Problem Writing Committee (2011-2014)

Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad –
USA Team Leader (2013)

Junhee Lee

MIT Class of 2022

USAMO Qualifier (2014-2018)

USAJMO Qualifier (2013)

National MATHCOUNTS Countdown Qualifier (2014)

Emre Gul

Math Teacher (12+ years experience)
MathCounts Coach (since 2009)

Jeannie Wang

UC Berkeley Class of 2024
AIME Qualifier
Stanford University Mathematics Camp 2019
Florida ARML 2018-2019

Sinan Kanbir, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mathematics, University of Wisconsin
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Illinois State University (2016)

Teaching Impact Award, Illinois State University (2015)

Isaac Li

UCLA class of 2023 Five-time AIME qualifier Competition USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) Platinum division

Bahattin Yildiz, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Mathematics, Caltech (2006)
Assistant/Associate professor, Northern Arizona University, (2017- Current)
Coordinator in 29th Balkan, 17th Junior Balkan, and 3rd European Girls Olympiads.


Fatih Gelgi, Ph.D. – Academic Director

AlphaStar Co-founder and Computer Science Director (since 2017)

Ph.D., Computer Science,
Arizona State University (2007)

International Olympiad in Informatics
(1999: Bronze Medal))

Muhyeddin Ercan, M.S.

AlphaStar Computer Science Instructor (2018-present)

MS in Computer Science in UCA (2012)

Computer Science Teacher (2012-present)

Sal Tiryaki, M.S.

AlphaStar Computer Science Instructor (2018-present)

M.Ed., Leadership in Education, American College of Education (2016)

Computer Science / Robotics teacher

Salma Baig, M.A.

AlphaStar Instructor (since 2018)

Computer Science teacher (10+ years)

M.A. in Education, University of London

Bennett Liu

AlphaStar Instructor (since 2018)

UT Austin Class of 2024 (Turing Scholars Program)

USACO Platinum Contestant (2016-2020)

Aryan Kumar

MIT Class of 2025

USACO Platinum Division (since 2019)

USAJMO Qualifier (2019)

Frank Bidak

M.A. in Educational Leadership, California State University

B.A. in Computer Science Education

Computer Science and Robotics Educator (2004 – Current)

Mehmet Uyman

B.S. in Software Engineering

Computer Science Teacher in public/private schools (since 2015)

Nathan Wang

Alphastar Instructor (since 2020)

USACO Finalist (2019, 2020)

USACO Platinum (2016-present)

Nathan Chen

Alphastar Instructor (since 2020)
MIT Class of 2025

USACO Finalist (2019, 2020)

Chris Pan
Princeton U Class of 2023
USACO Finalist (2018)
USACO Platinum Contestant (2017)

Osman Ay

Coach Assistant of USACO

World Finals Judge, ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
(since 2002)

Experience in Computing Olympiads as a teacher, coach, problem writer and judge (since 1997)

Online Open House


We invite you to our online open house on the following dates and times to talk more about AlphaStar Summer Online Courses.

Same presentation will be done at all open houses for your convenience. We have limited space so
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at your earliest.  

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AlphaStar teams win 2nd Place

at Stanford Math Tournament

The 2021 Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) was held virtually on April 17th with more than 80 teams participating. There were two divisions: (A) Tree and (B) Sapling. AlphaStar teams ranked 2nd place in both divisions. Below are team results and AlphaStar students/alumni in top 10. Thanks to SMT for the organization and congratulations to all the participants and teams!

Congratulations to all participating students!

Team Results




Individual Round






Three AlphaStar students made to the USA EGOI 2021 Team

USACO recently announced the students that will represent the USA in the 1st European Girls’ Olympiad in Informatics that will be held on 13 – 19 June 2021 in Zurich, Switzerland:



8 USACO Finalists from AlphaStar Academy

USA Computing Olympiad announced its finalists for the 2020-2021 season.

8 AlphaStar Academy students have been invited to the USACO National Camp out of 26 finalists:



As AlphaStar Academy, we congratulate them on their remarkable achievement. For the complete list of the finalists:

The USACO National Camp will be hosted in late May. At the end of the camp, top-4 finalists will be selected to represent the USA at the International Olympiads in Informatics (IOI).

USA wins 4 Gold Medals in EGMO

The tenth European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) was held virtually between April 9th and 15th. 213 students from 55 teams participated.

The USA team got 4 Gold medals: Sanjana Das (AlphaStar alumna), Jessica Wan, Yunsei Choi, and Serena An. Congratulations to all the participants!

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AlphaStar Scholarship Winners

2021 AlphaStar Math Scholarship Winners are announced.

The following 14 students won the scholarship this year, each receiving a $2,000 course credit for AlphaStar Math Programs.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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AlphaStar Academy is Fully Accredited by WASC

AlphaStar Academy is proud to announce that our programs & courses are now Fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC).

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