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March 2021

 Issue 106

The latest news and updates from AlphaStar Academy

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AlphaStar Scholarship

AlphaStar Academy is offering Math Scholarships to help young mathletes excel further and achieve their true potential in math. Each winner can use $2,000 course credit for online AlphaStar Math courses/camps for one year.

The deadline for the application form and recommendation letter is March 15th. 

Online Spring Accelerated Courses


AlphaStar Academy is happy to offer its renowned year-round programs online in accelerated format between
April 20 – May 30, 2021.


Accredited Online Colleges


Finish the selected AlphaStar Course(s) in just 6 weeks before
Summer 2021!

Do not Miss Early Registration Deadline by March 15th, 2021!!!

Each course has a limited space and the registration is on a first come first serve basis.
You can check the details, schedules, faculty info and tuition on our website.

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Online Open House


We invite you to our online open house on the following dates and times to talk more about AlphaStar Online Courses.


Same presentation will be done at all open houses for your convenience. We have limited space so please RSVP at your earliest. 


Accredited Online Colleges

AlphaStar Online Summer Camps 2021


AlphaStar Online Summer Camp registration is now OPEN! Live Interactive Courses will be offered between June 7 – 25, June 28 – July 16 and July 19 – August 6, 2021 and give students an opportunity to excel their levels and problem-solving skills in a short time.


Finish the entire AlphaStar Year-round Curriculum in just 3 weeks!

Do not Miss Early Registration Deadline by March 31st, 2021!!!


Each camp has a limited space and the registration is on a first come first serve basis.

You can check camp details, schedules, faculty info and tuition on our website.

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What is Different than Last Summer in
CS courses?

Registration is Open for Alpha Math Contest



Alpha Math Contest (AlphaMC) is a math competition organized by AlphaStar Academy for students up to 8th grade. AlphaMC 2021 will be offered online between April 24th and May 1st as a single-round contest. 

Students can participate individually or as a team. Students who compete from a test center (such as school, math circle, or learning center) will be considered a team. Participation for test centers is free but requires approval.


All participating students will get their participation certificates and reports online. Top scoring individuals and test centers will be recognized on the contest page and get winner certificates.

For more information, individual registration, and test center application form: alphamathcontest.org.

* Free with Alpha Math Contest 2021 registration.

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BmMT Results

Berkeley mini Math Tournament was held online on February 27th & 28th. Around 800 students (200 teams) in middle schools spent the weekend tackling math problems and competing in mini-competitions. AlphaStar participated with 11 teams. Top ten teams, top ten individuals and top 50% individuals were announced during the award ceremony. 

Below are the AlphaStar teams and students recognized in the award ceremony. Congratulations to all participants! Congratulations and thanks to Berkeley Math Tournament staff for an amazing organization. 


For more details, you can watch the awards ceremony on Youtube:

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Overall Rankings


Individual Round (Top Scorers)

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HMMT 2021 Spring Results

Congratulations to AlphaStar students and teams for their success at the 2021 HMMT Spring (Harvard MIT Math Tournament) which was held online on March 7th. 

Team Results: AlphaStar Academy AIR


AlphaStar Students/Alumni in Top 10

USACO February results

USACO Third contest was held on February 26-March 1. Platinum division still continues with a very tough contest. There are just 10 pre-college participants in the US who have 550 points or above. Top score is 783 out of 1000. The following AlphaStar students were in top-10 in USACO Platinum division:


As AlphaStar team, we congratulate all students who participated in the contest. The last contest of the year, US Open will be on April 2-5. For detailed information on results, problems, solutions and datasets, see USACO website:

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AlphaStar Academy is Fully Accredited by WASC

AlphaStar Academy is proud to announce that our programs & courses are now Fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC).

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