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February 2021

 Issue 105

The latest news and updates from AlphaStar Academy

Online Spring Accelerated Courses

AlphaStar Academy is happy to offer its renowned year-round programs online in accelerated format between April 20 – May 30, 2021.

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Finish the selected AlphaStar Course(s) in just 6 weeks before Summer 2021!

AlphaStar CS & Math Course Account in two minutes!

Here is a short video to see what AlphaStar CS & Math courses look like and how the Learning Management System (LMS) works when you register for our courses.

Math Courses on AlphaStar Learning Management System

Sneak Peek to Computer Science Course Account

Computer Science Courses on AlphaStar Learning Management System

Sneak Peek to Math Course Account

Do not Miss Early Registration Deadline by March 15th, 2021!!!

Each course has a limited space and the registration is on a first come first serve basis.

You can check the details, schedules, faculty info and tuition on our website.

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Online Open House


We invite you to our online open house on the following dates and times to talk more about AlphaStar Online Courses.


Same presentation will be done at all open houses for your convenience. We have limited space so please RSVP at your earliest.  


Accredited Online Colleges

(NEW) AIME Practice Tests Book 
Coming Soon on Amazon!


AIME Practice Tests book is scheduled to be published on Amazon in early February. The book will have four practice tests, written by AlphaStar Academy Math Faculty and Development Team.

(NEW) Online AIME Practice Test Courses


Live (Interactive):First session on Feb 14th

All the tests are available now

AlphaStar Academy is now offering AIME Practice Test course for the upcoming contests. The course includes 4 online practice tests and written/video solutions. The goal is to give a chance to the students to improve their exam strategies with brand new problems, not using any problems from past competitions.

The solutions will be demonstrated by the instructor during the live sessions. The recordings of the live sessions will be provided to both live and self-study course students. Students are expected to take the tests online beforehand.

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Great opportunity to learn from experts

Limited Space available for the live sessions

Meet our faculty



AIME Practice Test Course

AlphaStar Online Summer Camps 2021


AlphaStar Online Summer Camp registration is now OPEN! Live Interactive Courses will be offered between June 7 – 25, June 28 – July 16 and July 19 – August 6, 2021 and give students an opportunity to excel their levels and problem-solving skills in a short time.

Do not Miss Early Registration Deadline by March 31st, 2021!!!

Each camp has a limited space and the registration is on a first come first serve basis.

You can check camp details, schedules, faculty info and tuition on our website.

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Registration is Open for Alpha Math Contest (NEW FORMAT!)


Alpha Math Contest (AlphaMC) is a math competition organized by AlphaStar Academy for students up to 8th grade. AlphaMC 2021 will be offered online between April 24th and May 1st as a single-round contest.

Students can participate individually or as a team. Students who compete from a test center (such as school, math circle, or learning center) will be considered a team. Participation for test centers is free but requires approval.

All participating students will get their participation certificates and reports online. Top scoring individuals and test centers will be recognized on the contest page and get winner certificates.

For more information, individual registration, and test center application form: alphamathcontest.org

AlphaMC Euler (3rd-5th grade) >>
AlphaMC Fermat (6th-8th grade) >>



CHMMC Results 2021

The Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition took place virtually on January 23rd. More than 100 teams participated from all over the USA. Below are AlphaStar students/alumni in top 10. You can find more information about CHMMC and results at:


Congratulations to all participants and teams!

USACO January
Contest Results

USACO January contest was held on January 22-25. The following AlphaStar students is in top 10 in USACO Platinum division:

We congratulate all our students who participated in the contest. The next contest will be on February 26-March 1.


In addition, AlphaStar Alumni, Andrew He and AlphaStar former faculty, Kevin Sun ranked 1st among observers with perfect scores!

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AlphaStar Academy is Fully Accredited by WASC

AlphaStar Academy is proud to announce that our programs & courses are now Fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC).

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