Computer Science Year-round Courses


AlphaStar Year-round Computer Science Program is composed of fall and spring terms in onsite courses. Spring courses are continuation of the Fall courses. For instance CC25A course only covers the first part of the AlphaStar USACO Bronze curriculum. It covers the whole curriculum together with CC25B course in spring. Seperate registration is required for each course each term.

A year-round course is composed of 2 hours per week for 12 weeks per term, in total 48 class hours. In addition, 2 hours weekly is required for homework on the average (48 hours in total per term). Year-round course (Fall + Spring) is equivalent to the summer course.

NOTE: computer is not provided. Students have to bring their own laptops.


Click for year-round course schedule

Click for year-round course schedule

Levels and Courses

There are five levels as listed below. For more details and diagnostic exams, please click on the course name below.

  • Programming: These level is for students with very little or no programming background. The aim is to teach fundamentals of programming and to improve problem solving skills. Note that the focus is not the language itself but problem solving in these courses. In this level, there are four different language courses.
    • Scratch programming for Kids (4-6 grades): CS11A in Fall + CS11B in Spring
    • Programming with Python: CS21A in Fall + CS21B in Spring
    • Programming with C++: CS22A in Fall + CS22B in Spring
    • Programming with Java: CS23A in Fall + CS23B in Spring
  • USACO Bronze: This level is for students who have programming and strong Math background.
    • CC25A in Fall + CC25B in Spring
  • USACO Silver: This level is for students who compete in USACO Silver division.
    • USACO Silver Basic: CC31A in Fall + CC31B in Spring
    • USACO Silver Advanced: CC35A in Fall + CC35B in Spring
  • USACO Gold: This level is for students who compete in USACO Gold division.
    • USACO Gold Basic: CC41A in Fall + CC41B in Spring
    • USACO Gold Advanced: CC45A in Fall + CC45B in Spring
  • USACO Platinum: This level is for students who compete in USACO Platinum division.
    • CC51A in Fall + CC51B in Spring

Please see the AlphaStar Computer Science Program page for more details.

Diagnostic Exams

Please click for diagnostic exams.

If you have further questions about levels, please send us an email at